Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rarity check- Rare Jamaaliday Top Hat

Rares are worth a lot. Their rarity ranges from 10 being super rare, to 1 being not rare at all. Today let's take a look at the Rare Jamaaliday Hat. This item was sold last year in December as Rare Item Monday. It is a Christmas themed hat, and as most jammers know not as rare as the member top hat. You will most likely see jammers with a Freedom Hat or this hat. Okay, take a look:


This item had a sister item, the rare Jamaaliday wings. Now, on the rare scale I'd say this is a 6. Extra points for being a Top Hat, and for being Rare. You don't want to over trade for these top hats. Remember Jammers, you can get rares from trading. Get lots of Rare Item Mondays and say, "Trade me I have Rares on my trade." And you might just get a good offer from a nearby Jammer. 

 That is it for today's Rare post!
Jam On!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rare Item Monday then & Now

Rare item Monday has changed over the time of AJ, but AJ isn't that old, so 2014 is like Club Penguin's 2008. (If you know what I mean.)  Take a look at the change of time. I'm going to use a RIM from Mondays past, and yesterday's. Here, look. 

                                                  Today (Present) :

 Before the animal picture RIM:

See the difference? And I wonder why they did that in Animal Jam. Here are some reasons:
  • AJ is attracting more and more users
  • They want it to be more "mainstream" so people will like it better....
  • No more REAL rares! Aww man, no Rare Party Hats for RIM which is one negative thing.
Yep, now do you really see? AJ has changed!

Let's see what happens in the future! 
-Pie ♦

Friday, February 14, 2014

Rares, rares, rares! A story of a scammer

Once upon a time, there was a jammer named 2cool4ya99 and she wanted to be rare. She had only 1 rare, a rare bow. She searched the web for ways to become rare, and she found one way. Scamming. She went to the pillow room and searched for a kid who had a rare. She found one, and at first she acted all nice but then, she saw the child's worn and said, "Wow, you have a worn?" The child said, "Mommy I do." And, right in an instant she said "Can I try it on?" And, the child said, "Don't scam me!!". The scammer said, "What's a scam?" and the girl's kid said "to steal" and mom said, "OF COURSE NOT!!!" But in the end, 2cool4ya99 got the worn and... the kid was scammed.
                 Btw:          2cool4ya99 isn't a real jammer.

Just a reminder to never scam...

Thursday, September 5, 2013

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